Email. That Delivers.

Our email marketing solutions is a quick, cost efficient and powerful way to contact a large audience.

Email Marketing

Using our clever creativity our team can design a bespoke email with compelling content to drive traffic and make conversions.

Professionally designed email marketing campaigns can get excellent results that push your main call-to-action to your mailing database without the high costs of traditional direct marketing campaigns.

Whether it’s a one-off email-shot or a consistent campaign that you need, we can tailor our services to your budget and business needs.

JM understand how consumers interact with emails; we design relevant, stylish and timely emails that feature compelling copy consumers simply have to click on.


Email Tracking
Not only can we create campaigns but like everything we do at JM, our marketing efforts are 100% trackable using clever coding to track the user behavior and our results. These give details of how many emails were sent, emails that have been opened and by whom, emails that bounce back and details of people who unsubscribe.

If your emails are hyperlinked to a website then we can track what they did on the website after clicking on the email. If you have the time and inclination, you can even watch them live! We can tell you who opened the emails and what links within the email were clicked on. I know, clever right!?

We then use this behavioral intelligence to target these people with a further email if appropriate.


Don’t have a mailing list?
There are a number of ways to collect email addresses from potential customers, or if you don’t have the time, then we could build a database for you.


We have all had the odd email asking for bank account details in return for a Persian princess…and because of this staying on the right side of the law with email marketing is major important.

We will not send spam or unsolicited mail, and we only use third-party, purchased, rented, or harvested mailing lists.

In the United Kingdom, opt-in is required for email marketing, under The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. This came into force on the 11 December 2003. If this law is broken, your company (not us) but you could end up with a fine that’s more than three figure for each email that was sent.