We Make. We Market. We Measure.

“Over the past 5 years I have had the privilege to work in many different business sectors both B2B and B2C; in doing so I have been able to understand the main factors that make businesses succeed or fail along with learning about the huge effect marketing has on a business. 

In today’s economic, climate companies are under great pressure to promote themselves and be head and shoulders above the competition. JM offers reliable and friendly marketing support to both newly developed businesses and established organisations at a cost-effective price, offering a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs.”

Lawrence Johnson – Director | Johnsons Marketing.


Here at JM, no matter how big or small the company, everyone is treated the same. All clients will be put through our “Steps to success” process in order to create the perfect end result for you. This process ensures that every detail of your campaign is well researched, perfectly executed and cautiously reviewed ensuring its success.

Research & Plan

Receive inquiry – Hooray you choose us!

Initial conversation – Pop in for tea or coffee.

Understanding your business – Tell us a bit about yourself?

Design & Develop

Proposal – No, not with a ring.

Once agreed, we get to work – Come Watson, the game is afoot.

Our experts will send you a draft or proof - For approval.

Manage & Support

We keep in touch – Every step of the way.

Our team monitor the results & optimize the campaign - Standard.

We ensure you receive a return on investment – As a minimum.

Review & Repeat

We then report our results – Jargon Free!

We learn from the results & adjust the campaign accordingly - Improving success.

Finally, repeat the process - for a bigger income.