Online Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertisement or PPC as it is known in the industry, is one of the most powerful marketing tools at our disposal.

This is our quick and targeted solution to boosting your website visitors.

If you think about your own internet usage, imagine how often you find yourself looking for that product or service in front of search results, whether on Google, Bing, or Social Media. By combining the proper words that reflect what your company offers, we can put you in the most visible position in front of your target audience.

Picking the advertisement channel is also crucial. We will ensure you are paying to get the right leads coming to your website and that your target audience most visits to find you. There are many different platforms for PPC. In addition to Google AdWords, the undisputed king of PPC, there are other big-name platforms like Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We will start by analysing your business and researching your industry. We will then make sure your website is ‘PPC Ready’ this is to make sure that it is worth paying to send your target audience to your website, and that the user will be able to find the answers they are looking for.

Once this is established, we will find the perfect keywords that relate to the pages you want to advertise and organise them in strong campaigns and ad groups.

Return On Investment:

Tracking your return on all these expenses may seem impossible, but it’s not at all. We make sure all your enquires and purchases are trackable before spending a penny. We will also ensure we can track the user’s behaviour as much as possible. By implementing tracking codes and data layers on your website we will have all the data we need in order to make the best decisions.

Monthly Management:

Once set-up, we will manage your PPC campaigns on monthly basis. At JM we constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords to maximise results. By setting up split testing, checking the level, quality and behaviour of your traffic we will be able to make constant improvements to your ads and keywords, making it much clearer to see how best to spend your budget.

Some Pre-Built Packages

Our Pay Per Click Advertising services are split into 2 different areas to help you identify what you need and how we can help.

These packages are pre-built to give you an example of the standard packages that we offer.

*Pricing may vary depending on project requirement.

Social Media Advertisement

From Facebook to LinkedIn Campaigns, Johnsons Marketing has experience in all social media paid advertisements and are capable of managing budgets from £10 a week to 6 Million a year. Our experience with different forms of social media helps us to advise you on which we recommend to focus your business marketing on and recommend a starting budget that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Search Engine Advertisement

Google and Bing are the bread and butter of the internet. Search engines are the systems that link the customer to your business and we make sure you are placed at the very top of the search for your desired product or service in order to be ahead of your competition. From Setups to whole PPC management our Google and Bing certified campaign managers will make sure you're happy with your ROI.

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