Paid Ads Analysis

If your running paid advertising campaigns but not seeing a lot of return from them, you might need them checked up on.

If your website/branding design and buyer journey are perfectly planned and you weren’t drawing anyone in, then you may have taken to using Paid Advertisement too quickly build site visitors. However, if you’ve set it up with little knowledge or it has been left untouched for a while you may want to give it a check-up.

If it’s to see a general performance or look at the deeper facts of your paid advertising campaigns we’ve got you covered. We’ll monitor and analyse the data, provide you with a report without the technical jargon and then give you some options on how you can improve and how we can help.

Some areas of interest

Our paid advertisement analysis service is split into 2 different areas to help you identify what you need and how we can help.

*Pricing may vary depending on project requirement.

Search Engine

If you’ve been running search engine paid ads on platforms such as Google AdWords, but feel that is not reaching your desired needs, we can help you with understanding how they work and how your campaigns could be manipulated to perform better and target your main market more efficiently.

Social Media

If your main use of paid advertisement is based on social media then no worries, the use of paid advertisements is still the same and we make sure that your aware of how your campaigns are working along with the different ways that you can improve them using the various options social media platforms provide you with.

Looking for a more permanent solution to your marketing? 

You might be interested in our “Generate” program. This retainer-based solution combines our Make, Market, and measure services into one, allowing us to work with you from the inside to help you grow.

Our Generate Program