Graphic Design

The first impression of your product or service is the visual appearance of your brand.

At JM we understand that this first impression can majorly influence the buying decision of a millennial consumer. Our group of talented design artists will help you to create a bespoke and iconic logo that will stand the test of time.

Brands like Nike, McDonald’s, and John Lewis have made it impossible to miss their logo, colours or mascots. Every detail of your brand down to a simple pixel can change the way a potential customer remembers your brand.

We provide you with a design that people will hold in their subconscious causing them to convert to a customer

Still not convinced? …Here are some of our works this year.

Some Pre-Built Packages

Our graphic design services are split into 3 different areas to help you identify what you need and how we can help.

These packages are pre-built to give you an example of the standard packages that we offer.

*Pricing may vary depending on project requirement.

Branding Logo Designs

Branding Design

Price From £100

It can be difficult to describe who you are in a logo, but we are up to the challenge. If it’s a new start-up concept or a total rebrand, we use our creative minds to give you the best designs. We don't just make your logo look pretty, we delve into the phycological detail behind the uses of colour, shapes, and typography. 95% of our clients have loved their first concept and we are confident you will too.

Print Design

Price From £50

From Brochures and Posters to Pens and Packaging. We can do it from scratch or design it to match your current branding. Our realistic mockups bring your design to life so you know what they look like before they're sent to the printer. JM can offer print-ready designs or source print for next day delivery.

Digital Design

Price From £50

Your digital design is the modern-day print. Your email signatures, social media images, and sales collateral should all be consistent with your current branding. We can make sure that happens.

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