Marketing Audit

Our Marketing Audit covers all areas of your business in order to help you understand how your marketing is going.

If you’ve been using various marketing techniques and aren’t seeing the ROI that you want or if you believe there is more than you can do to improve your marketing, then we’re here to iron out the kinks in your marketing methods.

Our marketing audit will cover everything from your branding and image all the way to your use of paid and organic techniques with everything in between. This service is mainly used as part of our Generate program however we offer it individually to business that simply require an external opinion on their marketing.

Some areas of interest

Our Marketing Audit covers the following areas in order to give you a complete in-depth evaluation of your marketing efforts.

*Pricing may vary depending on project requirement.


As stated in our design services; design is a major aspect of the marketing of your business. With poor branding and design, your business will struggle to make an impression on customers no matter how hard you try and market yourself. Our design team will look into the whole image of your brand making sure everything sticks to your brand guidelines and how it could be improved along with what we like.


After looking at the design of your brand and business we will then move the way you are creating exposure. We will look into the tools you use to market your business. We will start with a digital audit and review your website, organic advertising, paid advertising and content. This will give us a stronger indication of how people are becoming familiar with your business and what the main areas of exposure are for you.


The final part of our audit covers your conversions aspect within the business and how both previously mentioned factors have affected how your businesses marketing. This section is the final conclusion of your marketing is where we explain exactly how your business is performing in comparison to the marketing you are putting out.

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