Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most reliable ways to contact your clients directly.

Professionally designed email marketing campaigns are a great cost-effective way to send a message to a large group of people. Whether it’s a one-off email-shot or a consistent campaign that you need, we’ll make sure it does everything you want and more.

Email is one of the most used forms of communication in the modern era and can be massively effective in updating your customers on offers such as discount codes along with giving them more information on other changes such as new ranges and service changes. A well-designed email campaign can push a user to visit your site or even buy from you again depending on what your aim is.

All of our Email marketing services are monitored to follow all laws and regulations set in place involving data protection (including GDPR legislation) to make sure that your campaigns are safe along with your customer’s data. All aspect of our campaigns are trackable and after sending we will send you back a nice tidy report to show you how it went and how we can improve.

THE LAW: We have all had the odd email asking for bank account details in return for a Persian princess…and because of this staying on the right side of the law with email marketing is major important. We will not send spam or unsolicited mail, and we only use third-party, purchased, rented, or harvested mailing lists. In the United Kingdom, opt-in is required for email marketing. If this law is broken, your company (not us) you could end up with a fine that’s more than three figure for each email that was sent.

Some Pre-Built Packages

Our Email Marketing services are split into 2 different areas to help you identify what you need and how we can help.

These packages are pre-built to give you an example of the standard packages that we offer.

*Pricing may vary depending on project requirement.

Campaign Design

If you have the means to send your campaign but need it putting into a design that suits your branding but also send a clear message then we’ve got you covered. Our graphic design team will make it their duty to make your campaigns as visually appealing as possible using the most effective techniques.

Campaign Launch

If you're struggling to send the email’s out to your database then we can set-up, design, schedule, send and report on your campaigns. Using our software we also make it look like you’ve done it all meaning there will be no mention of JM anywhere.

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