Social Media is the most recent and influential tool in the world of marketing. Whether you are onboard with social media or not, you cannot ignore it. No matter if your business is 1 hour or 100 years old, social media is a must in today’s society. Sure, your businesses can survive without social media but you would be missing out on such a huge market and therefore stunting your business growth.

There are so many different social media platforms, and it’s easy to get confused about what content you are supposed to post and where. But don’t worry as I’m here to help.

A successful social media campaign requires consideration to the platform, target audience, content, time of post etc. Social media for business is about showing your brand off little and often, therefore, building yourself into the memory of potential consumers. Then, when the time comes, your consumer will have your brand embedded into their subconscious “Wish List”.


What platforms are best and why?


  • Facebook: Facebook is still the biggest social networking platform in the world, if Facebook was a country it would have the world’s 3rd biggest population. Facebook has a wide variety of ways to share all types of rich content e.g. picture, video, text, website snippets. Facebook also has a great way of targeting specific audiences with your company’s related interests and in any location. You can target these manually or via the paid ads. It’s a great way to keep an eye on the competition! Facebook’s advertising system is also a brilliant way for a small business to start their PPC journey. Although this is a not as targeted approach, it can be a cheaper CPC (costs per click) than Google AdWords and tells you a lot more information about your audience.


  • Twitter: Twitter is a powerful tool for keeping the world up to date with your brand and business. Whilst the Kardashians are tweeting about their new emoji’s and Donald Trump is causing a stir with any of the 180 characters at his disposal, brands and businesses are using this platform to keep customers regularly updated on what’s happening. Due to twitter moving so quickly and being the most hectic social media site, we use it as an update tool. Posting your main stories and larger pieces of information to sites such as Facebook as this is a platform where people will take the time to read a large post, but also advertise this post on Twitter using it as an amplifier to a possibly different audience.


  • Pinterest: Pinterest (A visual bookmarking site) is the 3rd largest social media and is used by over 100 million people and businesses. Pinterest referrals have the highest’s conversion rate of all social media platforms. You can interact with people who are looking for products similar to yours but are unable to find you as they are not 100% sure what they are looking for.


  • Google+: G+ and Google Business might not be the most popular but it has been proven to improve search engine results and PPC from local and global results. Once you have enough reviews on your page you can also integrate this with your AdWords to increase CTR (click through rate).


  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the online version of networking. There’s nowhere online where employers and employees are more intimately linked. Company’s seeking clients and individuals seeking employment should grow their LinkedIn networks by adding as many real connections as possible. Using LinkedIn, we create leads for clients and look at changes in the industry’s gathering information that may be crucial for our client’s growth. Advertising yourself on LinkedIn is ok but everyone is on they’re for the same reason, so instead of trying to gain customers from posting too much on your wall, a good recommendation we have is to try and build more relationships using LinkedIn. Focus on specific information on clients you wish to target and then approach them directly.

How can we help?

Well, we can either help set it up, create your profiles and pages and you go away and post when you want or we can do it all for you, liaise weekly, write creative posts and content on a weekly basis. We can also help promote your posts and profiles using paid promoting which gets you in front of the target users that aren’t already following you and using our PPC knowledge we can manage and optimise them to make the most of your budget.


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I hope you found my Social Media Marketing Workshop useful to you and your business. Understandably, managing social media for your business is a big task and requires in-depth thinking about your brand, your target customer, your platform and your content.


Fortunately, JM has several qualifications and years of experience in marketing businesses successfully through social media.

We understand people can be quite sceptical of social media marketing as it was made for personal use but as Seth Godin (multi-millionaire/entrepreneur) once said “Marketing is just a contest for people’s attention” –  and if you are still not on board we can offer a free consultation to help you learn more about Social Media Marketing.


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