Pay Per Click Advertisement, it’s, in my opinion, one of the most important forms of advertisement, but being a PPC manager…I guess that’s kind of bias.

PPC (pay per click), can be one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools that help maximise your reach to customers. If you think about how often you use search engines or social media to find a product or service, PPC helps make that bridge much smaller. A huge positive to PPC is that there is no middle man, users simply search for the service or product they require and your company is in their eye line. At JM we have managed budgets from £100 to £500,000 per month. From small business to nationally recognised corporations. Below I have listed a couple reasons that you really should get on the PPC wagon in 2017.


Fast & Measurable Results

How would it sound if you could market to someone who is looking for your exact product or service? When using PPC you are putting your company advertisement in the face of your exact target market, therefore, cutting out the “possible clients”. PPC is perhaps the quickest way to run an advertising campaign and get real time results. If you have a website that has been made correctly and is already converting sales then brilliant but if your traffic is lower than you want PPC could be an option. You can measure anything that is related to a PPC campaign from costs, profits, views, clicks, visits and much more.

From the time you start PPC you know how much you spend and if you are generating profit or a loss. The fact that you only pay per click means that you only pay when someone visits your website, this meaning that your never burning money because someone visiting your site will remember that website and your business (considering that your website is well designed and up to date as Conner explained in his previous post.) meaning that they may possibly return to the website and convert later.



The most important factor about PPC is data. There are so many different data collecting tools that most marketing agencies don’t even know exist that can help you in making the process of data research more reliable.

Although the main objective of a PPC campaigns is to generate sales, some businesses forget that the data is just as important. We believe that PPC campaigns should be set up to make the most of this data, ensuring we measure every successful point of your campaign, therefore, making them as cost effective as possible. Not only does this data help make each click more cost effective but it can also tell you a lot about your audience and target market meaning you can improve your website and sell even more!



When running a PPC campaign you choose where and when your ads will appear based on a number of factors including keywords, location, website, device, time and date and much more. The flexibility that you have allows you to segment your market and bring your products and services in front of the right audience to your exact specification. Along with these factors, there is statistics to show that 85% of users are more likely to click on an ad if you are shown as a local business. Creating this more localised and communal-based business model around your PPC can assist in growth for both small business and larger clients.



When it comes to PPC there are no budget restrictions. You choose how much to pay for a click and how much money to spend for an ad or campaign. As mentioned above, since everything is measurable you can easily analyse your ROI (Return on investment). As a rule of thumb if a campaign is profitable you can safely spend more money until you reach your maximum ROI. We know PPC can be a daunting and scary marketing tool, however, the reason businesses spend so much money on their campaigns… is because it works.


So, there you have it, my handful of reasons you should be using PPC in 2017. However, setting up and managing PPC can be a full-time job and it’s not something that you should try to attempt on your own unless you have had years of training and experience (no matter how much Google tells you to do it yourself).


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