Websites…These seemingly simple pages of text and images are one of the most powerful tools in modern day marketing. Although, websites can easily be neglected; What was once a profitable investment might now be an out of date and dormant representation of your business, leading your potential consumers away. Below I have written the top 3 reasons why your website might be in need of a new website.


  1. Design

As a graphic designer, opening a poorly designed site makes us feel ill. Knowing that your business has so much potential but yet its represented in such a poor and unprofessional way is heartbreaking.


The design of your website is your first impression, your hello to your users. Users see this and immediately respond in one of two ways, look in horror then close the page or simply continue to navigate around it, comparing you against the competition. The millennial age is very aesthetically focused, and this is something you can take advantage of. Statistics show that poorly designed websites have a 57% higher bounce rate than that of a well-designed and navigable site. Likewise, if the site looks poorly designed and structured your user will make the same assumptions about your company.


When updating or creating new designs for websites, here at JM we focus heavily on the user interface and content. Are they on your site for information. to make a purchase or to book a service? Whichever it is, we want to go deeper; the real key to creating a successful website is guiding the user to the relevant content and then use selling techniques to convert them. Is your site an experience or a simple click in/click out? These are the questions you must ask when preparing to update your website because for every moment you leave your site design outdated, your competition will be making more sales.



  1. Maintenance

A website must be kept alive with constant updates to content showing activity within the business which creates a stronger feeling of trust from the user. Even if it’s a blog post once a month, it shows that someone is on the other side of the screen attempting to give you fresh information which again both increases respect and trust. Another problem with a lack of maintenance is security. New or old, any website can be hacked. The experience is stressful and painful, particularly when your content, data or sales has been lost. Or even worse your data or user’s information/financial information could be leaked, meaning your business reputation ruined.


  1. Optimisation

85% of websites are now viewed initially on mobile devices. Mobile optimisation, as of 2016, is well embedded into Google’s website ranking. This is a huge factor for a successful website as most users will not go past the 8th result on a search engine, therefore, being in the top 3 will make it almost 100% likely for a user visit your site. Having a modern, mobile optimised, responsive and aesthetically pleasing website will increase your conversion rate almost instantly, and it should be your goal in 2017. Here at JM, we can make that happen for you almost instantly, and it should be your goal in 2017. Here at JM, we can make that happen for you.



However, JM shows you how to run the site yourself, meaning you don’t have high monthly fees to update your site. If you want to be 100% self-dependant we will show you how to keep your optimised site updated and safe for yourself and your users along with making sure you have complete control over your website and your business.


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So, there you have it, my 3 reasons you might need a new website. If you are thinking about creating a new site or updating your old one, make sure to contact us at or call 01283 670 604